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  • 1. To brighten the life of an inmate by encouragement and scripture through mail.
  • 2. To witness and give hope to someone who thinks others have forgotten them.
  • 3. To share the Joy and Love of Jesus Christ.
To provide encouraging mail to inmates who do not receive mail.
(Many inmates feel their families and friends have forgotten them.)
To send the inmate an uplifting card on their birthday.
To encourage, and witness the "Love of God" to inmates through cards and letters.
To plant a seed of God’s Love and to reassure that there is hope.
To share poetry, art work, and testimonies, from other inmates in a monthly newsletter.
To provide Bibles, where possible, to inmates that request or need one.
(Co-ordinated through the Chaplains Office.)
To increase the call of men and women reached in our prisons.
To deliver, where possible, devotional booklets to inmates who need encouragement in dealing with individual issues.
(Depression, Anger, Drugs, etc.)
  • † We ask that you not use any inappropriate language in your letters.
  • † Please understand that this is a spiritual correspondence and friendship related only. This is in no way a dating service. Share only limited personal information about you and/or your family.
  • † If you have legal questions, or want to discuss your case, please call or write an attorney.
  • † Do not discuss your case or criminal activities that you’ve been involved in. We don’t perform any legal favors.
  • † Your letter will be opened, read, and answered by a volunteer on the BCTC team. If there is anything unfitting, or improper in your letter, it will be reviewed by another BCTC staff member and you may be removed from our list. Your letter may also be turned over to other authorities.
  • † If you fail to follow these guidelines, you will warned and inevitably will be removed from our list. Keep us informed of any changes in residency.
  • † We do encourage you to send us your prayer requests.