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Breaking Chains through Christ is the vision of Pastor Rick Perry and his wife Donna Perry. This missional outreach is aimed at inmates of all spiritual needs, but especially those that have expressed and experienced the feeling of abandonment in their lives by family or friends. The message to our prisoners is that there exists a caring group of Christians outside their walls that is willing to take the time to share God's Love and acknowledge that God in His "Unforgettable Grace and Mercy" will always be at their side.

Rick and Donna are approaching their 10th year of marriage, and have always felt that leading some type of ministry was in their future. Both possess a servant's heart and a spiritual desire to impart God's Love and save as many souls as the Lord lays in their path. Rick's calling was quickly evident by the record amount of time spent with individuals that had accepted our Lord and Saviour into their hearts. In 2014 they became associated with a prison ministry that Rick served as Chaplain. Reaching out by visiting inmates and conducting services in the prisons exemplified his fortitude for his ministry. Donna, being a more quiet, behind the scene personality, best used her gifts by corresponding to the inmates. Together they have accepted and embraced this new path with the Lord's lead and guidance.